1. Lemon Merengue
2. Caribe
3. Mi Amor

Caribe and Lemon Merengue, are for level 2 string orchestra with improvisation. The different rhythms of the Caribbean are felt throughout. Each movement is a dance. The improvised section uses two chords and is great for beginning improvisers.

Lemon Merengue: is in the style of a Merengue, a very popular dance. Its up-tempo rhythm reminds me of West African High Life music and the dances are very similar.

Caribe: is based on a popular Cuban Montuno rhythm. The syncopation is the rhythmic foundation for this movement and makes you want to dance.

Mi Amor is written in the style of a Latin Ballad. It has a solo section that uses ii-V sequences of chord changes for improvisation.

Level: Beginner



Caribe – 4:04


String Quintet/Orchestra (2 violins, viola, cello, double bass)


8.5×11” digital PDF


Akua Dixon (2000)