1. Ants!
2. Spiders
3. Leap Frog
4. Mister Turtle
5. Go Caterpillar
6. Bumble Bee Buzz
7. Bluebirds

Leap Frog is composed for beginning string students. It incorporates elements of African music that has continued into the music of African Americans. I am proud to share the musical traditions of my culture. These compositions can be taught by rote and/or with the written music. A part of the musical history would be to use it in a call and response interaction with students. Work on each phrase, one at a time. The lyrics enhance the correlation between rhythm, melody and language. They can inspire games, artwork, math, etc.

Ants! is in 4/4 and gets you started. Ants! uses the A & D strings. Performing this piece at a quick tempo can be a lot of fun. Spiders continues to work on the quarter note but introduces 3/4 time. Leap Frog reinforces the use of the quarter note and quarter rest in 4/4 time. It introduces the G string.

Mister Turtle moves along slowly and is in 5/4. The rhythm of 3 + 2 creates a musical way to work on math. Have fun and mimic the turtle. Go Caterpillar introduces the eighth note. It’s ¾ tempo is inspired by the lyrics. Bumble Bee Buzz also has eighth notes. It’s a faster tempo and should inspire you to dance like the bumble bees.

Bluebirds introduces the E & C strings. If played in an ensemble setting with all the string instruments, you will hear the harmony created by the different open strings.

Level: Beginner





violin, viola, cello, double bass


8.5×11” digital PDF


Akua Dixon (2011)