Akua Dixon boldly goes where few practitioners of the cello have gone.


String Quartet

Plea for Peace

My concept of string quartet is where all players can read and improvise in many different styles of jazz. This is an original composition for my string quartet, Quartette Indigo

Cello Orchestra


The rhythmic concept of this composition are layered textures of rhythm commonly found in African music. The motifs lock together in a circular form as opposed to the linear form of Classical music.


Meet Akua Dixon

Cellist, composer, educator and lecturer Akua Dixon gives an overview of her remarkable career.


The Opera of Marie Laveau – Prologue

Live performance and introduction of works by Akua Dixon of the Prologue for her Original Opera of Marie Laveau.

String Orchestra

Hip Hop Blues

While doing educational concerts for Carnegie Hall I met students who asked me about writing a piece for them. They memorized it and performed it with me at Aaron Davis Hall.

String Quartet

Ladies Blues

This is a Call and Response blues for string quartet. Akua Dixon and Quartette Indigo live at Chicago Jazz String Summit-2019

Album: Akua Dixon

Akua Dixon Track by Track

Jazz string pioneer Akua Dixon’s new self titled album is a dazzling string conclave that surveys the cellist/composer/ arranger’s expansive stylistic reach.



This swinging jazz chart is performed by Akua Dixon-cello, Freddie Bryant-guitar, Kenny Davis-bass, Orion Turre-drums

String Quartet


Efua is composed for string quartet and has improvisational sections. It has a medium tempo with a gentle syncopated beat.


Orion’s Gait


Disney – Endless Nights

Cast members from The Lion King and Aladdin are celebrating Black Joy and sharing what it means to them in an arrangement of “Endless Night”

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